Born in 1987, he embarked on his career as a photographer and Director of Photography in 2012, specializing in portrait photography and commercial reportage for publishing and advertising.
Based in Italy but also active internationally, his reportages have been featured in national and international publications and magazines, including The Guardian, Vanity Fair, La Cucina Italiana, Business Traveller UK, The Creative Brothers, Athleta Magazine, SUQ Magazine, and Trentino Magazine.
Well-known in the food and beverage industry as a celebrity chef photographer, he has worked on commission for the daily newspaper La Repubblica, the weekly magazine Panorama, the independent magazine Dispensa Magazine, and Fine Dining Lovers by San Pellegrino.
In 2017, he received a special mention from the World Photography Organization and made it to the shortlist for the Food Photographer Of The Year award.
He has been chosen by Ducati, Pakelo Motor Oil, DR Automotive, Four Seasons, Acqua San Benedetto, Bosch, Wacom, Copic, Aokang China, Asciari, and TABU to create their commercial campaigns.
Recently, he has expanded his commitment to producing institutional campaigns for the Sicily Region, SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers), and MiBAC (Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities), confirming his presence in the institutional communications sector.